TecBlu Ltd is a fully integrated one-stop ICT,  Technology Service Provider and Consultancy firm which supports and enables forward looking businesses to easily adapt to the ever changing technology demands and requirements of today’s business environment.

TecBlu provides cutting edge systems development, switching and payment solutions, digital financial services, advisory, support, strategy formulation, performance analysis and I.T organization evaluations to drive process innovation, develop new strategies, optimize resource and ultimately lower technology costs.

Software and Infrastructure Development & Hosting

The design and development of software in conjunction with the hosting Infrastructure required for today’s mission critical IT Environments. The build and provision of Cloud based hosting models and environments to compliment or replace rapidly outdated self-hosting strategies

Switching and Payment Systems

The design, development, implementation and support of large scale transactional switching logic and payment systems to support private and institutional processing requirements. We develop and partner to deliver solutions for a wide array of switching and payments projects across Africa ensuring full value and ROI for our clients.

Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Customised and dedicated to each client, our hosting and cloud solutions are a cost effective, remote and rapid implementation alternative to building your own data center, private cloud or contingency. Our cloud solutions have a network centric design, multiple layers of security and high availability that make it the perfect choice to replace or avoid capital and resource intensive physical infrastructure and overhead costs.

We cost effectively provide high powered internet / VPN based remote servers, storage, processing and security to support and backup your mission critical applications and solutions.

Consulting and Advisory Services

– RFP: Effective Support for “Request for Proposal” formulation and assessment, vendor selection.

– Standards Accreditation Support: Expert guidance, support and endorsement for the attainment of Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), British Standards Institute (BSI) and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

– IT Process and Quality Improvement: The development of Change Control, Testing, Critical Systems Management, Performance Management Processes, Standard Operations Procedures and Operational Frameworks

– IT Systems Optimisation Management: Systems Audits, Fraud Vulnerability, Control Procedures and Security Fabrics via proven tools and techniques.

Digital Banking Solutions - FinTech

Digitisation of Financial Services will transform the way your company does or renders service via the provision of unique interfaces, tools, workflows and access channels which enables your customers to interact not just with your company but also with each other to fulfill their product and service needs. This invariably brings them into the new digital world of limitless possibilities in Financial Services.

Core Banking Systems

Selection, design, deployment and support of a wide spectrum of Core Banking Systems with specialism in Finacle and Flexcube. Providing expert advice on the specific options for Core Banking Selection and also in-depth know how on upgrades and integrations with other 3rd party applications. Strong track record of CBA administration, parameterization and development ranging from database upgrades to the complex creation of new companies and GL Schema’s for multi entity support e.g New Countries or Jurisdictions.

Electronic Banking

The development of customized solutions for all E-Banking needs including NEXTGEN solutions Product Development, Deployment & Support – NFC, RFID, Social Networks, Mobile Apps, Tablet Dashboards, Resource Portals and SharePoint/Lync Server Customization.

Electronic Document Management Systems

The highly integrated use of specific software for the profiling, capture, indexing, storage, archiving, control and retrieval of documents, books, files or any other physical informational material.  This enables all documents to be digitized for effective and controlled retrieval, paperless office environments, reduction of admin overheads on filing and the organized and prioritized handling of all physical records.  

Alternate Power Solutions

Inverters, Solar Power Systems, Batteries, Chargers etc. The surveys, sizing, design, implementation and Support of alternate power systems for critical enterprise and residential loads.

Communications Infrastructure

Single or Convergent Design, Sizing and Selection of VSAT, Radio, Fiber Optics and WiFi – Installation, Optimization, Monitoring.

Call Center/Help Desk

Full Development, Optimization, Recruitment & Training of Call Centre Infrastructure, Personnel and Processes in tandem with current and projected needs.

IT Procurement

“Best Practice” Approach for cost management and value realization.

Managed Services

– Providing in-house I.T management services – the Provision of Experienced Personnel and Infrastructure for outsourced engagements. 

– Service Level Agreement – Service Contract Formulation, Negotiations and Reviews in line with “Best Practice” terms and conditions.

Service Provider / Vendor Management

The 3rd Party management and coordination of critical services vendors in Networks, Hardware, Software environments.

Project and Program Management of Large Projects

The detailed monitoring, reporting and escalation of single or multiple dependent projects to ensure time, cost and quality expectation are achieved and surpassed. This is done using proven methodologies and reporting tools.

These are just some of the areas that TecBlu can help you build, maintain and further develop. We will be happy to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss your current technology needs, challenges or weaknesses as we can greatly assist you in effectively harnessing this very important area of your business.